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Your Investment Gets You
The Ultimate Money Plan
The whole purpose of having your finances in order is to be able to be able to achieve your life goals without having to worry about money. And that's what we'll focus on during night 1. By the end of this, you'll have a plan on how to achieve the goals you have for the next 24 months.

Bonus 1 - Sav Money Planner: A 114+ page planner that was created specifically for you to learn how to become conscious of your spending and how it will align with the goals you have for yourself over the next 24 months.

Bonus 2 - How To Optimise Your Spend To Get Free Flights: Chances are, you are already spending enough each month to qualify for flight tickets to Bali. We'll show you how.‍

Total Value: $139
Your Actual Insurance Needs

Truthfully, you can probably already afford all the insurance you'll need throughout your whole life by the time you got your first promotion at work. We'll show you what those are and how to get the right insurance.

Bonus 3 - Guide To Avoiding Insurance Scammers: Insurance will become much easier once you know how to find honest agents and avoid spending $1000s on products that aren't for you.‍

Value: $188

Life's complicated enough without having to worry about investing. Yet, that's going to be what is needed in order for us to actually achieve many of our life goals. We'll teach you the realities of investing so you won't make the same mistake and also show you a way to automate your investments in ~15mins.

Bonus 4 - Free Money To Start Your Investment Journey: We've struck a deal with a stock brokerage to give you free money for simply signing up. We'll show you how you can use that money to invest and start making passive income.‍

Value: $10
Set it and Forget It Investing
Total Value You Get: $337